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Your No.1 place to find out about Local Servicing and MOT. Both can be incovenient, but alot can be done to reduce this inconvenience!

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Welcome to Local Service & MOT. Here we strive to provide you with good quality information and guidance when it comes to getting your MOT or Car Serviced Locally.

Local Service

Servicing is an essential part of owning a vehicle. It is vitally important that you get your car serviced regularly in order to prevent mechanical failure and reduce the risk of a breakdown, particularly if you are driving a used car. We have found that internet sites can help in getting good service offers from centers local to you.


Is your vehicle 3 years or older? If you’re lucky enough to answer no to that question, then you haven’t got to worry too much for now. However, if your vehicle is 3 years or older then you are required by law to have your car MOT tested annually. MOT stands for ministry of transport.

Time is of the essence.

Hopefully what you learn on our site will save you time and money. Knowing the ins and outs of servicing and MOT can really help you make the best and most efficient choice when it comes to Servicing and MOT.